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Jon McBrine
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"Emotional response is art regardless of talent." Loophole!

Texas-based, Texas-born, Delaware-um, spent some time in as a kid. My portfolio is the product of years of not wanting to settle for any one kind of style. Do I want to draw comics? Do I want to draw expressions of deep emotions? Do I want to draw suggestive astronaut bananas and cool bees who are, in fact, the bee's knees? Yes, yes, and yes. 

My art represents embracing who you are - stay with me - and not only accepting it but loving it. Since childhood I've been drawing but I didn't always want to shout it from the rooftops. No matter how much praise I received for my work I didn't let it really be part of who I am. This all changed when one day I decided that if it comes naturally then it's indeed part of my nature. The ink stains on my hands are hard to hide, anyway.

I love having the freedom to express my passions in many different formats, such as podcasting. I host What's Wrong With You, Fixed Podcast, and co-host Fandom Tandem. Personal problems, pro wrestling, pop culture - whatever you're into, I have a show for you!

Cartoony-serious-crazy-odd. Thick, dark lines that turn a stream of conscienceness into structure. Deep shadows and crosshatching emphasize when there is meticulous detail or when less is more. Monochromatic is my jam but I don't always do black and white; I enjoy color where it can be used to its fullest.
​​​I start with a non-repro blue pencil or Medium Zebra Z-Grip pen to outline the initial sketch. I flesh out the details in a lighter inkpen and when I'm ready to finalize the piece, I trace and draw additional content with darker-toned pens: Copic Multiliner SP Black Ink Marker; Faber Castell FC167137 Wallet Pitt Pen Nibs; Kuretake ZIG Cartoonist, Mangaka. Drawing in ink is always a tightrope walk; each picture, even if featuring recurring characters or themes, is its own unique creation as unexpected marks can lead to interesting/beautiful results, however digital cleanup is utlized when needed.
Upon receiving a commission request, it typically takes me 3-5 hours to complete a piece depending on the size and content. If more time is needed I will let you know immediately. Larger, more in-depth pieces may vary. I Once finished, I will send you a hi-res copy that fits the specifications you desire. Please be sure to include as much detail as possible in your description in regards to what you are wanting - or if you've viewed my gallery, and you like what I can do, and want me to just go nuts with it - either way, I look forward to creating with you.  

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